Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In a land far, far away, the Bears have won the Super Bowl

Barely a nanosecond passes before thwe winning team is wearing championship T-shirt or cap at the end of the Super Bowl. But did you ever wonder what happens to all those hats and T-shirts they make for the LOSING team in the Super Bowl?

I thought they were destroyed, but I was wrong. They go to needy kids in poor African countries. No kidding! Someday soon, some kid in Niger or Uganda will wear a T-shirt proclaiming the Chicago Bears the champions of Super Bowl XLI.

According to a marvelous New York Times article, the 288 sets of caps and T-shirts that the losers WOULD HAVE gotten, go to a warehouse and are ultimately destined for some developing country, where they likely don't know who won the Super Bowl ... or even know what the Super Bowl is. For them, a Super Bowl is one filled with food.

Major League Baseball, in fact, destroys the losers' gear. The NBA gives it to a charity. But as the NYTimes said, the NFL's loser-gear goes far, far away and "there, and only there, the losers get to be winners."


Jill said...

That is very interesting. I had always heard the losers stuff was destroyed. I like the idea of giving all that stuff to the needy, but why a thrid word country? What about the needy here?

Ron Franscell said...

I think it goes "far, far away" because the NFL doesn't want the incorrect merchandise wandering the streets of America! Makes sense.

And if any poor American people need sports T-shirts, I have a drawer full of 'em! I'll donate!

SingingSkies said...

I'm glad to know that someone's going to get to use the shirts. And from the pictures I've seen, there are significant numbers of people who could use something to shelter their bodies from the elements, even if it is just a t-shirt. Kudos to the NFL (and the NBA).

hmmmmm....wonder if in some metaphysical way, those who perhaps consider themselves "losers" might get the message that they, too, can be "winners", even if it is only in a far, far away place? *wanders off, pondering*

Chancelucky said...

Now I know what happened to all those Rex Grossman replica jerseays too.