Monday, January 22, 2007

A temporary fix for recyclers

Last weekend, I had a book event in Houston ... so I hauled my glass and plastic recyclables to the West University Recycle Express station at 5004 Dincans (1 block west of Kirby, between Westpark and Bissonnet, very close to Hwy 59.)

Talk about convenient and easy to use! You simply drive up, put your recyclables of all kinds through slots in designated stalls, then drive off! It's that easy. No proof that you live in Houston, no scary attendants. Just an efficient drive-up experience.

It's also gratifying to see so many people using the service and so much material staying out of the landfill. You don't get paid for your recyclables at Recycle Express, but you have the comfort of knowing it's helping the community and the environment.

It also stands as an example of how recycling needn't be curbside-or-nothing. Convincing an existing private recycler or recruiting a new business to Southeast Texas to do this kind of one-stop recycling might be the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I serve on the West University Place Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board. Thank you for your positive comments on our facility. Would you mind if we linked your blog to our Website? Thanks.

Steve Stelzer

Jill said...

That is encouraging! Now if I had room to store the stuff so that I could recycle!

Ron Franscell said...

Feel free to link, Steve! And if you know somebody who'd like to do something similar in Southeast Texas, please send them this way!


Anonymous said...

When you recycle weekly, or even only once a month, recycling isn't about "storage." People put up road blocks to everything, and that's probably why recycling failed in Beaumont in the first place -- people with the attitude of "Oh, it's too hard, I can't do it." Other states recycle ROUTINELY; I don't know what is so hard about it. Just do it.

SingingSkies said...

Glad it worked out, Ron!

Hey, Steve! Any way to help us link to a cooperative service provider? I have a feeling recycling might be more successful this time around.

anonymous, please understand that storing does become an issue if you have to then transport it 90 miles to recycle. If you only head to Houston every other month, then you might even begin to wonder if the stuff will fit in your vehicle!

Ron Franscell said...

Storage is also an issue for environmentally conscious apartment dwellers who might not have a garage or any other suitable outside space to collect recyclables.

But the overall point is a good one that we haven't yet convinced/educated Southeast Texans how recycling can help them live in a better community, and in some cases, put a little money in their pockets ... thus, the minimal trouble of doing it seems to outweigh the benefits for them.

Believe me, it's worth doing.

Bookworm said...

The "ease" part is a wonderful idea. People will do just about anything sensible if it's no skin off their back. We have a recycling place in my general neighborhood which is supposed to be good. My "ease" hurdle is simply getting the stuff into my own car and out of my garage!

pthemenway said...

I moved to Beaumont last August & cannot find anyone to take the boxes of glass & and bags of plastic I've saved to recyle over the past 9 months, although I have been able to unload my newspaper & aluminum. Where can I take this stuff (besides the 200 miles to/from Houston)?

Ron Franscell said...

I haven't found a place anywhere in SE Texas that takes glass and plastic. I always load up my Subaru with bags of plastic and glass whenever I'm headed to houston, and I take it to the West University Recycling Depot. I wouldn't make a special trip (which seems antithetical for recyclers to waste a lot of energy to save a little) but I do it when I'm going anyway.

The other thing: Lobby with the City!

Anonymous said...

Ron-thanks for this info. Do you know if they still do this? My family lives in Port Neches and have found recycling in Beaumont for everything but glass and #3-#5 plastic. Do you know if this West University Recycling has a website? Laura