Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Line of the Week
Return to Eel Pie Island

Just getting back from a long weekend celebrating my L birthday (check your Roman numerology) but regrettably not at Eel Pie Island in London's Thames River. In a story about Eel Pie on BBC News, there was this unforgettable and intriguing line:
"When you approached it you could see sex rising from it like steam from a kettle. It suited us randy young musicians. It was very difficult not to get laid on Eel Pie Island."

Yeah, I know: You want to read the rest of the story, don't you? Click here, you guttersnipe.

(I did.)

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SingingSkies said...

Hey! Happy Lth, amigo! Hope you had a wonderful time! (and the Lth one doesn't change things particularly, as long as you don't let it)