Friday, January 05, 2007

It's official today: 'FALL' is launched

Launch Day is an anxious moment for most authors. The great bulk of reviews are still out, readers will be getting their first looks at the new book, which has its whole life lying ahead ... and the author who likely spent three years (or more) getting to this day will either continue forward on his creative path by the public's embrace or unceremoniously diverted by a lack of interest. Imagine dedicating three years of your life to one project, only to send it out into the world for people to judge in a matter of minutes. This one day embodies all that angst.

But it's all part of the beauty of storytelling. It likely wasn't much different for Homer, certainly not for Hemingway, that first time you tell a story to a large group of people. Today, I feel a part of a very exclusive club of people who know this exact feeling, and it feels like belonging.

And two new reviews today make it a little easier. One is from a leading book-review site on the Internet, the other from a leading newspaper-industry trade magazine. Here are some excerpts:

"In a style similar to “In Cold Blood”, Mr. Franscell captures, from start to finish (if there is ever a finish), this terrible saga. He went to enormous lengths to provide vivid and unforgettable narrative. ... The end will floor you. If it was fiction, no one would believe it could happen."

"FALL is a heartbreaking story but is also dynamic, which makes it an extraordinary book. Franscell has imbued every page with exquisite Didionesque prose, perceptive analyses of the events and the persons involved, and thorough interviews and research, drawing readers intimately into the vortex of a hideous crime. ... Ron Franscell takes readers on a journey into the nature of evil and the pain of survival."
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Jill said...

Ok, Ya got me! Now I'll have to go buy it! You tell a stage actor "break a leg". What do you tell a writer?

Ron Franscell said...

Jill ... I have not a clue! We should start something appropriate for writers, like "Pray for Oprah!" or "Hope it's a best-seller," but those just don't have the same panache as "Break a leg."

Anybody got any good ideas?

SingingSkies said...

Tear a page? Nah. Sharpen a pencil? Nope. Besides sounding just plain dumb, I'll bet the vast majority of authors use computers now. hmmmmmm... I guess it depends on which way you want to risk goading the Fates.

Whatever the "good luck" phrase, here's wishing you all the best!

Chancelucky said...

Best of luck Ron....Hope it breaks out. IN the meantime, I'll pick up a copy.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to get to read Fall in December. You really should buy one and read it. The revies are not exaggerated.