Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ironic Blotter: Robbers kill Osama's brother

Jamal Khalifa, brother of Osama bin Ladin, was murdered in his Madagascar home by unidentified intruders who came to rob him, Reuters is reporting today.

Osama's bro was a big gemstone magnate who had apparently fallen out of contact with his terrorist kin.

I am reluctant to celebrate such a death, but my reluctance is evidence of why the terrorists seem to be winning this war right now: They aren't reluctant at all to celebrate deaths of anyone, especially their own misguided "martyrs." Chances are I've wasted more time thinking about Khalifa's death than his brother will.

So what the hell, I'm glad there's one less bin Ladin to worry about. I'm not sorry he misses out on the virgins. I lift a toast to Sweet Irony.

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lilfeathers2000 said...

Wow. How Ironic.