Monday, January 08, 2007

Global warming, indeed

(Rocky Mountain News photo)

So it warms up in New York and everybody is hollering that it proves "global warming."

Meanwhile, Colorado gets blitzed by three successive blizzards, triggering a monster avalanche that sweeps people off a mountain road ... and people still holler "global warming"! If Manhattan is warm and it proves global warming, what does a sub-zero, snowbound Denver prove?

Aw, hell, I don't dispute the phenomenon of "global warming," and I won't even argue that man isn't playing a villainous role in it. But I will submit that too often in our culture, "news" is defined by what's happening in New York City, and not often enough by what's happening to everyone else.

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Johan said...

Well put and I couldn't agree more. Regardless what side of the issue a person favors, it defies all common sense to claim that one isolated weather event (blizzard or heat wave) supports or refutes the findings of climatologists across the globe. Even one unusually warm winter isn't enough to definitively lay blame on human-generated climate change. (Or even El Nino, for that matter.) You might like this article, as its from a climatologist and addresses this fallacy directly.