Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ho-Ho-Horrors! Bad Santa photos

The Chiacgo Tribune has posted almost 150 photos of Scary Santa Situations -- you know, just like all those photos you have in your albums. The page is hilarious ... and you can submit your own horrific ho-hos! And if you want more, the Los Angeles Times has its own page of Yuletide Yowling.


SingingSkies said...

Pics like these always leave me ambivalent. "awww, cute!" competes with "poor kids" Oh, well!

Have a merry Christmas, my friend!

Love, Rita said...

First impression: "Poor Babies!". Upon further reflection: "Poor Santa!"

While I feel for the kids, who ostensibly might be permanently traumatized by this early Santa-experience, my sympathy goes out to the men in the red suits--who come forward every year at this time to endure the endless parade of children daily to keep the dream alive! They are true heroes of the season, don't you think??

Merry Christmas, Ron.