Thursday, November 16, 2006

PlayStation 3: You've been punk'd

At 12:01 a.m. tonight, Sony will release its much-vaunted PlayStation 3, which debuted last week in a huge Hollywood party with scads of celebrities. Nerds have been camping out at Targets, Wal-Marts and other lucky retailers all over America for a chance to spend $600 for a little plastic box that plays games. Some of them will be re-selling it on eBay for $1,500 or more. [UPDATE, 10:08 A.M. 11/17: At least 13,135 Playstations are listed on eBay at this moment ... ranging as high as $5,200 in bidding.] Some are paying dozens of homeless people to stand in line for them, apparently in hopes of cornering the PlayStation market. And the market is hot, hot, hot!

And we're supposed to believe Sony "miscalculated" (or maybe somebody just didn't get the memo) when they allegedly built only 1 million of these toys for the entire world?

"It's not a marketing ploy,'' said Sony's PR guy this week. "Trust me.''

Stand back, folks. Lightning's gonna strike that guy.

How many times are we gonna fall for that "Sorry, folks, we didn't make enough Tickle Me Elmo/Cabbage Patch Kid/Razr scooters, so you'll just have to trample each other to buy our products" manipulation? Just wait until after Christmas and you won't be able to walk down an aisle at Kmart without knocking over a stack of PlayStation 3s -- and maybe for less.


SingingSkies said...

Agreed! And, unfortunately, they'll keep doing it as long as people are still gullible enough to camp out just waiting to spend hundreds of dollars for the artificially limited quantities.

I'm not sure who's more of a dupe, though, Sony for 'only' asking $600 while the resellers get $1500+, the ones who spend $1500+ for the darned things, or those who spend $600 for them in the first place.

As to those who're waiting in line, I guess some people will do almost anything for a bit of notoriety, even if it is only within their own social circle.

Chancelucky said...

So Ron, when are yout getting yours?

Ron Franscell said...

Are you kidding? I was first in line at Bob's Bait and Electronics here in Beaumont. Bob only had a used Playstation 1 in stock, but he gave me a good deal ($499) and promised to upgrade it with a brand-new cord, so it's almost like a PlayStation 3. So I got it ... but I had to buy some bait, too ($250).

Not a problem, though. I immediately put it on eBay and sold it. The bait, not the PlayStation. At a slight discount ... it was starting to stink. Now I'm wondering how to ship dead minnows and worms to some guy in Mobile, Ala.