Wednesday, November 15, 2006

'If I did it' ... must-barf TV

Later this month, O.J. Simpson will appear in two one-hour programs on Fox TV to explain how he would have killed ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman ... IF he had done it.

If this appears to you to be a new low in American TV, you're not alone. Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal is just one of many who are outraged and nauseated by this lower-than-lowbrow programming ... which, by the way, promotes a book being published by another Fox division, HarperCollins. In fact, the book's editor is the show's interviewer! The sleaze factor is high, folks. Very high.

Chances are, the O.J. show won't live up to its hype anyway. Fox has a track record of promising (promoting?) but not delivering. But who will tune in and for what reasons? You want to hear O.J. explain what he thinks would have been better ways to kill two people? What's next ... Charles Manson's Tips and Tricks for Mass Murder? A televised seance for John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Charlie Starkweather? Lizzie Borden: Axed and Answered?

Oh, this won't sit well with Nancy Grace at all. And for once, I'll actually agree with her.

I wonder if O.J.'s profits will go to Fred Goldman, as a California court has ordered, or if the Juice's lawyers have sufficiently squeezed the law to let the "destitute" O.J. keep the money. He just keeps getting away with murder, doesn't he?


Patty said...

Damn why why why must we keep getting slapped with the likes of this. Nancy grace has a hard on over Simpson and she goes off about it.

As a writer how do you really feel about dredging up these old news cases?


Ron Franscell said...

Well, sometimes there's a good reason to revisit old cases. Certainly, the 1981 abduction/murder of Adam Walsh -- which has never been solved -- would be one case where a 2005 story could examined the great leaps forward in fighting child crimes that resulted from it.

And sometimes we can see more of the lessons from an old crime story after some time has passed. That's what I hope for my upcoming book, "FALL: The Rape and Murder of Innocence in a Small Town," which examines a 33-year-old murder that touched me and my neighborhood in the small town where I grew up.

But this O.J. program is purely salacious and purely profit-driven. O.J. needs money, Fox wants a ratings bonanza, and HarperCollins was to sell books ... and sadly a lot of people are perfectly willing to oblige ALL of them. In a show that promotes itself as O.J. speculating on the best ways to kill Brown and Goldman, I cannot truly see the benefit except to O.J., Fox and HarperCollins.

Certainly we don't benefit.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who wonders why some crazy #@$% hasn't tried to kill o.j. yet? now i'm not advocating vigilante justice but there's alot of nuts in this world