Thursday, October 05, 2006

OPEC thinks you're too happy

The world's biggest oil exporting countries -- places like Venezuela and Nigeria -- are really peeved that Americans are now paying a mere $2 a gallon for gasoline, so they plan to cut production by a million barrels a day to drive prices back up, according to OPEC officials.

That's not good news as we enter the cold season, and it's not good news for drivers in general, who have just recently recovered from the summer's astronomic prices. But, hey, you can't blame these countries -- many of their citizens living in Third World or oppressive situations -- from capitalizing on their commodities. That's why we call it "capitalism"!

It's long past time that America begin weaning itself from oil. Yes, that means you, Mr. Texas three-quarter-ton pickup driver who never leaves the city limits and whose wife drives the truck to pick up ribbons at Hobby Lobby. Yes, that means you, Ms. Radical Leftist, always whining that President Bush and VP Cheney only pump up Big Oil ... if America's brilliant researchers at our largely liberal-leaning university campuses could just find a suitable replacement for oil, we could elect Democrats for the next 1,000 years. We must truly lag behind in our education if we cannot figure out cleaner, more efficient and less polluting forms of energy .... so until we do, the Left shouldn't presume to be smarter than the Right.

We simply must be ONE country to kick our oil dependency. It's not a Republican or Democrat problem. It's a problem we all share and our future rests in the balance. Don't expect radicals on either end of our political specturm to get anything done; the action will come from the Militant Middle, where good ideas tend to be good for everyone, not just our extremist comrades. Clearly, we don't want Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Iran's megalomaniacs controlling the strings that make us dance.


Love, Rita said...

You are absolutely right! We MUST become less dependent on oil in general--it doesn't matter whose!

Let's talk about SUV's. Monstrous hunks of metal slurping down gasoline so fast you can hear the sucking sound as it is pumped out of the ground. A false sense of security for the drivers. Most people who drive them can't park them properly and end up double-parking them, which causes those of us who drive more sensible vehicles to have to hunt longer for an empty parking spot. But the most important thing is...some of our nation's biggest auto makers are in dire straits financially--teetering on the brink of ruin--because when the price of gas is high, they can't sell any of them! And they've almost quit making small fuel efficient models. (Okay, that's no one's fault but their own.)

We MUST remember how painful it was for all of us when high oil prices had the nation in a stranglehold. The time for action is NOW!

Automakers: Go back to focusing on fuel efficiency! Prepare NOW for the inevitable rise in oil prices that will cause your sales to bottom out!

And Consumers: Buy a vehicle you can park!

Chancelucky said...
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Chancelucky said...

This is one of those things where the market doesn't necessarily work at least the way it's currently configured. I don't think carmakers would build giant gas guzzlers if people weren't lined up to buy them.

Someone did point out to me recently that a gallon of gas remains cheaper than a gallong of orange juice or even a gallon of milk. I suspect that despite our fears, the price of gas is still too low to affect American consumer behavior.