Monday, October 16, 2006

The Best Redneck Movies of All Time

In the recent spirit of insulting whole groups of people in one fell blog-swoop, I'm posting (with a tip o' the sweat-soaked John Deere cap to Linda) a list of the most beloved redneck movies of all time. Now, you can't get this collection anywhere else ... only in your spam. Act now, and for $19.95, I'll send you -- absolutely free -- wax "purdy lips" just in time for Halloween!

Favorite Redneck Movies of All Time

Born on the 4th of... Ma! When the hell's my birthday agin?

Breakfast at Tiffany's Beer, Bait, and Pancake Shack

Forest Gumbo

Purty Woman

Rudolph the Red Nosed Hood Ornament

The Bridges of Hazzard County

To Kill a Mockingbird With a Thirty-Ought Six and Watch That Sucker's Feathers Fly

Arkansas Jones and the Junkyard of Doom

Bar Wars

Being Jeff Foxworthy

Father of the Bride... AND Groom

Good Hunting With Will

My Cousin/Uncle/Father Vinnie Bob

Scent Of A Woman's Double-wide Trailer

Silence of the Sheep

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Why mess with a family classic?)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle... and Cooks the Vittles... and Warshes the Truck...

There's Something About Cousin Mary

Winnebago the Pooh and Tigger-Bob Too!


Back to the Future IV: I'm My Own Daddy!

9 1/2 Teeth

And the Band Played "Freebird"

Three Brides for Seven Brothers

Three Men and Ned Beatty

Austin Texas: The Uncle Who Shagged Me

How Stella Got Her Tooth Back

The Green Smile


Chancelucky said...

Is it safe to make these jokes in Beaumont?
Ron, you're awfully easy to find.

SingingSkies said...

Chance - I'll vouch for Ron's probable safety. His ears may end up burning for a few days, but I suspect there will be no further physical harm.

Love, Rita said...

Ron, you're a bad, bad boy. (But you have the honor of making me smile for the first time today.)

Anonymous said...

hey fuck you sumbitch! I dont take kindly to that kinda insult. ur lucky i dont know were u live asshole

Ron Franscell said...

Anonymous Trailer Dweller: I'm not worried. If brains were dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose.