Tuesday, October 03, 2006

America's fittest college? Dickinson

Men's Fitness magazine has named a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania as the "fittest college in America." Dickinson College apparently lived better in the past year than Brigham Young University, the 2005 "fittest" college.

OK, I won't quarrel over whether the kids at Dickinson eat right and workout regularly, but here's my question: Did they stop doing physical training at Annapolis, West Point and the Air Force Academy? Have all the midshipmen and cadets gotten fat?

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SingingSkies said...

"At the same time, the top schools offer a range of nutrition and exercise choices, rather than forcing students to adhere to a strict regimen," Boulton said.

Ron, I suspect this is the aspect of the study that got the academies knocked out of the running. (ummm....no pun intended)

If I remember correctly, nutritional choice was not an option when my brother sat down to eat at Westpoint, and I imagine that's still true today. And strict regimen? Isn't that part of the deal at the academies?