Wednesday, September 13, 2006

(A 'nut graf' is that part of a news story summarizing the heart of the matter)

"State officials narrowed down the source of the fecal matter ..."

It took highly trained "state officials" to track down the source of poop?

(See the whole story here.)


Jill said...

Now, after spending all that money to figure that out, are they going to track down the evil pooper? Maybe they should invest in a pooper scooper.

SingingSkies said...

Having been married in a "past" life to someone interested in environmental civil engineering, the fact that it took specially trained people to find the poop source didn't surprise me. That poop can be sneaky stuff!

You did make me go and look up "nut graf", though.

Ian Thorpe said...

Yeah well the world is full of shit and we need to know where its all coming from