Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ho-hum, just another day in the war on terror

An al Qaeda-like terror plot to blow up airplanes traveling from London to various places in the United States was disrupted in the U.K. today, apparently just before passengers were to board at least three U.S.-bound planes. According to the Associated Press:
"British authorities said the plan envisioned bringing down a number of aircraft with midflight explosions. [Homeland Security Chief Michael] Chertoff said the terrorists planned to bring various bomb components in a benign state aboard the planes and combine them once the planes were aloft to create and detonate explosive devices. Terrorists specifically had targeted United, American and Continental airlines, two U.S. counterterrorism officials said. One said the terrorists had hoped to target flights to major airports in New York, Washington and California, all major summer tourist destinations."

We've spent a lot of time and vitriol in recent days at this blog debating whether terrorists are misguided or misunderstood. Today's news doesn't really favor the apologists who want to blame the United States and Israel (and apparently the U.K.) for the woes of the Middle East. If this terror plot proves to be at least as horrific as early reports suggest, it'll be a terribly hard sell to convince common Americans that Islamic fascists -- the mufsidun and fattan -- don't want to kill ordinary, innocent civilians to make their twisted point. The prospect of seeing dead American babies floating in the mid-Atlantic also will dull the horror of dead Lebanese children in the rubble of Beirut or dead Israeli kids in Haifa or dead Iraqi babies. God help us when we become anaesthetized to dead children. Then we'll be no better than the terrorists.


andrew said...

Let's give credit where it hasn't been given in the last 5 years. The terror plot was reportedly foiled by American and British intelligence agencies who have suffered a lot of criticism from all sides since 9-11. In this case, we should acknowledge that they actually saved lives.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that, as most of the "Let's Kill Our Way Out of the War on Terror" gang here and over at FOX News sees the situation, dead Arab and Muslim children are "collateral damage", and only dead American, Israeli, and, oh yeah, British children, really matter. Like it's different if you kill civilians from the comfort of a jet fighter-bomber cockpit at 10,000 or 40,000 feet, antiseptic, detached, clean. Oddly enough, the relatives of the many, many thousands of innocent Iraqi, Afghani, Lebanese, and Palestinian civilians who have died beneath the deluge of U.S. ordnance since 9/11/2001 apparently don't feel that way. Perhaps even "snakes" cop a nasty attitude against those who try to exterminate them. Go figure.

It's a good thing our intelligence agencies have improved their game. We're going to be needing their services for a very long time. The British raid that rolled up the Pakistani plotters early this morning is another stroke of good fortune, used up.

Get a grip, because it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, if it ever does.

gohuskers said...

Wow, that's certainly another twisted view of what's been said. Nobody advocated "killing our way out of the war on terror" or designated Western children as more important than Middle Eastern children. And although the West has certainly killed civilians, the difference between us and terrorists is that we try NOT to kill civilians and they DELIBERATELY to kill civilians. Their apologists in America believe they will respond to a kind word and a gentle touch, even as they blow up airplanes full of innocent people. If so, I invite rbscott and Anonymous to find Hezbollah and Osama and pacify them on behalf of humanity instead of telling reasonably engaged Americans how f***ed up they are! So as not to suffer through another spate of moonbat diatribes against anybody who disagrees with the Far Left's necrotic take on the world situation, I would urge you, Ron, to start limiting or deleting rbscott/Gilliespie and their verbose and anti-American ilk.

jason said...

what kind of a sicko gets offended when somebody refers to terrorists who plan to blow up 10 or so airplanes as "snakes"? Would you prefer "well-meaning boy scouts"? i'm with huskers ... one little button ...

YN Country said...

"I'm worried that too many people, both in politics and out, don't appreciate the seriousness of the threat to American security and the evil of the enemy that faces us -- more evil or as evil as Nazism and probably more dangerous than the Soviet communists we fought during the long Cold War."
U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., today (August 10, 2006)

How true.

Patty said...

You know there was a time my heart would have probably been soft towards these folks now.
I really don't give a flip. When those planes hit those buildings. Something changed in me.
I don't give a rats ass about their cause and if folks here want to support them then flippin move over there and become "collateral damage". Quite frankly at the end of the day I want to live and have my family live.

Madmod said...

Innocent babies are all equally valuable in God's eyes and in mine, but one dead American is more valuable than 1,000 dead Hizbullahs or al Quaidas. We simply can't accept the anti-war and anti-America argument that there's some kind of equivalence. If we could negotiate with them successfully for peaceful coexistance I would wholeheartedly endorse it, but the terrorists want only one thing ... to kill us. That's not really something we can compromise about. Just like with Lebanon we need for moderate Muslims to step up to the plate and neutralize the terrorist threat. So we needn't "kill our way out of terror". But if they don't, they'll certainly find themselves in the crossfire again.

neoliberal said...

we tried to negotiate with the Nazis in the 1930s. boy, that sure did a lot of good to save innocent lives!! at least 6 million innocent people died while we figured out we might have to kill our way out of the Nazi and Japanese fascist threat!! the peaceniks pretend to say they would negotiate with a psycho who was in their house trying to rape or murder them but in fact they'd call the cops who have guns or maybe even fight back. right now the rapists and murderers are in our house and we can't negotiate until they've been restrained. we can only fight back as hard as we can to avoid being raped or murdered.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Once, when I was a fair-haired and wide eyed innocent school girl, I thought the best way to settle a disagreement was to put the two opposers together and have them "duke it out".
Perhaps that would be the way to stop this sad and woeful war on terror. Bush and binLaden (or any other two leaders you care to name)- duking it out. The loser goes home and takes his soldiers (and any flying toys) out of every other country and the leaders and soldiers can never leave their homeland again.
Another blogger (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun) is upset today because she is inconvenienced and not allowed to take her water and hand lotion on a plane. She can spot a shoebomber and decries the inconvenience of the long lines in the terminals. Well, if there is ever another "Lockerbee" and pictures of dead innocents floating in the water, perhaps Miss Blogger will reconsider her thoughts. Maybe just that one saved innocent person (someone's child), is going to be enough for her to buy a bottle of water on the airplane, or better yet, DON'T FLY!! I'm glad that this time there was a foiled plot, and I agree with Ron, God help us all.

Ron Franscell said...

Thanks for the advice, Huskers, but I resist the urge to hit the "Smite Key." I've deleted a few comments that were purely profane and didn't add to the discussion at hand, but the give-and-take in the blogosphere is, by definition, rough and tumble. This is a marketplace of ideas and like any marketplace, sometimes there are pickpockets, hucksters, politicians, con-men and hawkers of products of little or no value. Just walk on by.

But rest assured that there'll be a limit to just how far anyone can go. As I said here earlier: Your right to swing your digital fist ends at the tip of your opponent's digital nose. Try not to draw blood needlessly.

SingingSkies said...

I got to wondering this morning: What constitutes a "win" for the people who plan these heinous acts?

For the zealots who blindly follow instructions and move forward to implement the plans, of course, the only thing which brings them a "win" is the completion of their task and the death and mutilation of those in their appointed path. Of course, that's the "ultimate win" for the planners as well.

But could it not also be a "win", although a lesser one, if the plot itself fails while putting the enemy into a tailspin, causing us to take aim at each other to the total distraction of all else while more of the freedoms we enjoy (but they don't) are eroded away? Certainly we're gotten pretty good at sniping at each other and wandering into conspiracy theory alley whenever these plots come to light.

Mind you, I'm not saying we shouldn't take action to protect ourselves and others from the upper level terrorists' machinations. I just don't want to hand them a 'win' on any level in the process.