Monday, August 21, 2006

Place your bets: Is JonBenet 'killer' lying?

Online gaming site is asking bettors to predict if John Mark Karr fabricated his confession of murdering JonBenet Ramsey.

"Throughout history, suspects have fabricated confessions in high profile cases whether due to a mental illness or to gain attention," said CEO Dave Johnson, invoking the Michael Jackson case and Duke lacrosse player DNA outcomes as prime betting topics. "Betting on celebrities and trials is as popular with our customers as sporting events."

So what are the odds? WagerWeb's oddsmakers posted them this way:

QUESTION: Will it be determined that John Mark Karr fabricated his confession of murdering JonBenet Ramsey?

YES -120 (Bet $120 for $100 profit)
NO -120 (Bet $120 for $100 profit)

While you're at the site, you can bet on the next celebrity to get a DUI, oil prices, Harry Potter's death, and celebrity break-ups, too! (Oh, and hey, would you take this nickel and bet it all on the Astros to win the World Series? Thanks.)


SingingSkies said...

umm..... Who in their right mind would bet $120 to effectively lose $20 even if they guessed right? *shakes head*

Democracy Lover said...

Daily Kos (I know, not on your blog roll) has an excellent diary entry on the subject of news coverage of dead girls.
Beautiful Dead Girls.

I'll bet that this story is not picked up by any cable news outlet.

Moobear said...

I think Karr thinks that he thinks he did it!
God Bless!

Ron Franscell said...

SingingSkles, I think in betting parlance, it means you'd bet $120 and if you won, you'd win $220 -- a $100 profit. At least that's what I'm told. No, really. I don't speak betting parlance. I'm the worst gambler ever. I lose $1 and then I feel bad about it for a few hours.

jason said...

I'll bet one million dollars that Karr has already been approached for a book or movie deal. Any takers?

SingingSkies said...

Thanks for the translation. Obviously, betting isn't my strong suit either. Like my grandfather before me, I only win if I don't have any money on the line. Guess I'll just leave the odds and betting to others.