Tuesday, August 22, 2006

American Heroes: Beautiful Dead Girls

The Daily Kos might not be the most likely place to find a tribute to fallen soldiers in the Iraq War, but in a diary posting yesterday, the Kos shed a little light on a group of heroes who get overlooked in all the posing and politicking by, well, Kos readers and their demagogic doppelgangers on the Right: Servicewomen who have died in Iraq.

"Even here on DKos," wrote diarist hrh, "I see comments about 'sons and fathers' who have been killed and maimed. Almost NO MENTION of women in the military."

A tip of the boonie to Democracy Lover, who linked me to this poignant, provocative post. Here's a taste of what it contains, but please click-through and read the rest, if only to pay tribute to these women who sacrificed themselves for America.


Eighteen-year-old Pfc. Sam Huff was born with a man's name.

But she was a consummate "girlie-girl," said her father, Robert Huff.

She liked to wear false eyelashes and played flute in her high-school band. Last July, she joined the Army, the first step in a career she hoped would take her to the FBI.

On April 18, Huff, an only child, became the 37th U.S. female to die in combat since 2003.

Yesterday, her parents and comrades gathered in a Fort Lewis chapel to recall Huff's independent spirit and her unfulfilled ambitions.

But what they remembered most was that she loved soldiering, and she was good at it. The memorial became, in part, a testimonial to the growing role women are playing in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Born in Tucson, Ariz., on July 12, 1986, Huff was 16 when she announced her intention to enlist in the Army, go to college to study psychology and become an FBI agent...."We just stood there, dumbfounded," said Robert Huff, a retired Tucson police detective. His wife, Margaret Williams, served as an air traffic controller in the Marines.

But there wasn't any family talk of women not belonging in the military, he said: "Not in our house, are you kidding?" [...]

"Beneath that beautiful young lady was a backbone of steel," Sgt. Sam Jones wrote in a letter read aloud during her funeral.


Moobear said...

Thank you Pfc. Sam Huff for serving our country for our freedoms. My prayers are with the family.Very touching.
God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Thanks for linking this site, I went through and read all the bio's and looked at those beautiful young women, and my strongest thought was what a waste!!!
HOW can "we" let our sons and daughters keep going over there? This war is not about terrorism, it is about oil. Our children are not dying to protect America, or to fight terrorism, they are dying to put another tank of gas in the ol' SUV.
I have a 24 year old daughter, if the day should come that she announces that she is leaving her husband and daughter and fly off to some foreign country to fight some foreign enemy, it is my intention to hog-tie her and sit on her back for as long as it takes to turn her senses around. The mothers and fathers that are now crying over cold gravestones, you have my sincerest, deepest sympathy.

Lonnie said...

Thank you. Beautifully done.

My sympathy to her family....

SingingSkies said...

Yes, beautiful women who followed their convictions and made the ultimate sacrifice. My heart hurts for their families, and the families of all our soldiers who have lost their lives in this war.

Women have made a valuable contribution to the military for generations, even near the front lines (generally in medical units in previous wars). All too often their injuries and deaths have been ignored by most everyone except their families and friends.

Thanks for passing this one along. These women deserve to be acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

"These women deserve to be acknowledged." Yes, and just maybe they deserved combat pay and career credit for their service. emil

Jill said...

Beautiful! Bless those wonderful, courageous women who choose to serve in the military!