Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Want to get out of debt? Wash your dishes!

Yeah, I know you're laughing, but it makes some sense: Dirty dishes cause debt.

It's a fact that going out to eat is one of the Top 5 causes of credit-card debt. And one of the biggest reasons people go out to eat is they can't face a dirty kitchen. Thus ... keeping dirty dishes out of your sink might be the No. 1 way to saving money, according to Jill Cooper and Tawra Kellam at

"Most people are so overwhelmed with piled counter tops and dirty dishes that they would rather go out to eat. ... Do the dishes after every meal and keep hot, soapy water in the sink while you are baking or cooking. Clean up as you go. If your sink is empty and the dishes are washed, your kitchen always looks good. This helps you save money because you have time and space to cook."
OK, makes sense. The dishes are out of the sink and I feel richer already! But I still can't figure out what to do with all the dirty dishes I stuffed in the linen closet.


SingingSkies said...

*chuckle* It's not the dirty dishes which cause me angst. There's something about process of me actually cooking/preparing the food that just plain takes the taste right out of it!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Got one better than the linen closet! My dear brothers used to stuff dishes in the oven! As for me, I do the dishes daily and we don't eat out. I don't trust anyone else's hands or kitchen or untensils to be clean enough, nor do they care to cook my food properly. I'll stay home - save money, and miss all that food poisoning, thank you!!

Bookworm said...

That is 100% correct. When I was a young professional, earning a nice living, I squandered all my money on clothes and restaurants. I've since mended my ways, but I regret all that money I "lost" so many years ago.