Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And now for this infomercial ...

You can now pre-order my new book "FALL: The Rape and Murder of Innocence in a Small Town" at You can see more about the book at this site.

The early-bird price is $15.72 -- a huge discount from the $24.95 cover price. Your book will be shipped after its December 28 publication date. (Money-saving tip: If you also order my debut novel, "ANGEL FIRE," at $12.50, you'll qualify for Amazon's free shipping! And if you want it signed, I'll do it for free if you mail it!)

Will you like this rather intimate true story about the abduction, rape and murder involving two childhood friends of mine when we were growing up in a small town? Well, see what some experts have said about it:

"Few authors understand what makes a true crime book stand out like a beacon from the mass of prosaically gruesome re-telling of police reports. Ron Franscell does! 'FALL' explores the true story of this unholy sacrifice of youth and misplaced trust in a gripping, throat-tightening way. It is an almost-hypnotic read, hard to look away from. But it is also compassionate as we question the awful fate of the victims, sadly singled out by fate or luck or whatever shapes our destinies. This is a very, very, good book--a gem for readers who look for the whole story, written by a very, very, good writer. Every time I hear a neighbor or a local lawman in a traditionally low-crime town, say 'Something like murder doesn't happen here' -- when, of course, it does -- I shake my head. This time, it happened in Casper, Wyoming, and Ron Franscell takes you there ... completely. It will make you cry honest tears. The victims deserve no less."

"FALL is an intimate true crime story. Franscell tells his story from a truly unique perspective. What sets FALL apart in the genre is that he was there, not as a victim or a perpetrator, but as a child splashed by the unexpected evil of it all -- and he grew up with a gift to be able to tell the story in all its violent colors."
Famed trial lawyer, Wyoming native
and author of "GUNNING FOR JUSTICE"

"On more than one level, FALL rises above most books in the true-crime genre, mostly because it searingly depicts a type of evil not too often exceeded. … This uncommon story has every chilling component of human terror, drama and suspense that readers of true crime look for. In an elegant and powerful voice normally seen only in fiction, Ron Franscell captures the sights, sounds and smells of this Wyoming saga and masterfully gets inside the emotional marrow of its participants. I highly recommend this engaging book."
New York Times bestselling author of "HELTER SKELTER"

"Ron Franscell reveals extensive new details of one of the vilest crimes in Wyoming history, one that cast a long and poisonous shadow through more than three decades. He returns to his hometown (and mine) of Casper to illuminate how it touched the lives of so many who were dragged along in its wake. This is first-rate reporting and a riveting read."
PETE WILLIAMS, Justice Correspondent, NBC News

"Author and newspaperman Ron Franscell is one of the most versatile writers on the scene today, as FALL amply demonstrates. FALL is one of those rare true-crime books that crosses genre lines into what is simply dramatic literary nonfiction at its best. This is much more than a book about one of the most chilling crimes I can recall. In the vein of 'In Cold Blood' – and perhaps even more meaningful with the author's personal connection – it is a deep and moving tale about the impact of a crime on a small town, written with the flair of a novelist, and a journalist's eye and ear for truth."
Best-selling author of "MONSTER,"


Ron Petitt said...

Congratulations on the new book! I know it will be as spellbinding as "Angelfire" and the "Deadline", and can't wait to read it.

I wonder if South East Texans realize what a talented author lives in their back yard?

Maybe I can pick up my autographed copy when I come down at the end of September? Drinks are on me!!

Ron Petitt

That Cleaning Lady said...

I'm glad you have another book coming out Ron, I read both your other books, and found them both literate and troublesome reads.
Deadline had me on the edge of my seat. Sadly, though, your name isn't known up here in the middle of nowhere...perhaps you should consider a signing party here?