Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Anais Nin's last husband has died

"I am the keeper of fragile things and I
have kept of you what is indisolvable."

Anais Nin

Rupert Pole, the forest ranger who revealed Aanais Nin's true eroticism and wild sexual liaisons to the world, has died. His remarkable obituary in today's Los Angeles Times details his efforts to publish her personal diaries after her 1977 death, including details of her affairs with Henry Miller and her own father, composer Joaquin Nin. As her literary executor, he unveiled even more of Anais Nin to readers than she herself had unveiled, which was extraordinary itself. The obituary explains how she was still married to Hugo Guiler when she married Pole in 1955.
She was Mrs. Pole for 11 years, until she grew too fearful of the legal consequences of having two husbands who claimed her as a dependent on their tax returns. Before invalidating their marriage in 1966, she told Pole about Guiler, explaining that she could not divorce the banker because of his decades of financial support and remarkable tolerance of her many absences and indiscretions.

Ultimately, Pole was the man with whom Nin chose to spend her last years. After scrimping from his salary as a forest ranger and later as a teacher, he built a small house in Silver Lake that he hoped would entice Nin to stay with him permanently in California.
As a final twist to their entangled romance, it's likely that Pole's ashes will be scattered in California's Santa Monica Bay, where Pole scattered Anais's ashes in 1977 ... and in 1983, scattered her husband Hugo Guiler's ashes, too. Seems fitting that Anais Nin would spend eternity with two men, doesn't it?


LindaBz said...

I always wondered how do you say her name??

Ron Franscell said...

Good question! I looked it up at, where fans say her name is pronounced "anna-EES NEEN."

I always said "uh-NYE-us" ... and apparently I was always wrong.

Admittedly many English-speakers pronounce her last name as "nin," as in "inn." But the site argues it makes logical sense that it would be pronounced as the Spanish would say it, since her father was Spanish: Neen.

Who knew blogging could be so educational?

Bookworm said...

Well, that was quite a Bohemian life, wasn't it? I know very little about Anais Nin, although I've found her overwrought writing style so alien to my tastes in reading that I've just never bothered. I've clearly been missing some amazing literary confessions, haven't I?

Mo said...

I am reading a biography of Anais in which the author says that her name is pronounced Ah NAH Ees Neen.
Funny that she is so well-known for her sexual exploits when, according to her biographer who culled through her gazillion dairies, she didn't have sex with her husband until 2 years after their marriage and did not experience her first orgasm until after decades of sleeping with multiple men simultaneously. She later confided to a friend that Henry miller was often impotent. And she freely admitted her obsession with seducing her many psychoanalysts, including Freud's "son" Otto Rank. A fascinating and complex woman indeed. And a great read.