Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ward Churchill is still not fired

The University of Colorado professor who praised the Sept. 1 murder of ordinary Americans inside the World Trade Center -- he compared them to Nazis -- is still a professor in Boulder. But a university committee today recommended that Churchill be fired because of "repeated and deliberate" infractions of scholarship ethics and rules.

In fact, Churchill's free speech was never an issue. The university's analysts have focused entirely on the self-proclaimed Native American activist's academic papers, and found a load of lies, plagiarism and other misconduct. Some have even found odd inconsistencies in how quickly he was given tenure, effectively giving him a job for life.

Top university officials must now decided what to do with this loud-mouthed poseur whose Indian roots have proven questionable, at best. If the final decision is to dump him from the faculty at CU, Churchill has vowed to sue ... repeatedly.

Churchill's firing is long overdue. Not for his outrageous speech (which I find offensive but not particularly convincing) but for his lack of academic ethics. He's been a stain on CU and on Colorado in general. He's no genuine academic, but instead merely one of those bomb-throwers who use classrooms to foist his twisted manifestos on impressionable kids (many of whom rally to his defense against the Forces of Evil, whoever they are.) He's no more interested in offering alternate views than the Nazis he casually invokes. He's a caricature of a real iconoclast, preferring shock-and-awe (and often anonymous) scatology to intelligent debate.
And I'd even chip in to help buy him a keen retirement home in one of those Islamist-only communities in the south of Iran.


Anonymous said...

All I can hope is that the university is dotting its "I's" and crossing its "T's" so that they CAN fire him. It's likely he'll tie up the firing in court so long that they'll end up giving him thousands of dollars just to go away. He's such a loudmouth jackanapes and such an embarrassment to those who promote good scholarship and who care about scholarly ethics that he should have been fired months, if not years, ago. One can only hope that CU has the stones to stick to its guns in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've worked in a state university for 3 years now and I have to say, I am not impressed with the ethics I've seen - either personal or scholarly. And the people that are given tenure! It's insane. Why on earth would you give someone a lifetime job after they've put in a few years of work? I'm completely disillusioned with the system now that I've been behind the scenes. I'm hoping against hope that it's not like this everywhere - I have kids.
At least someone is finally trying to do something with this particular nutcase.

Eabha the Kiwi said...

"Bomb thrower" eh? Why didn't you just come right out and call him a terrorist?

That's really academic and articulate..Fox news style.

John D