Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Columbine Massacre ... the videogame

Bored? Looking for fun? Need to sharpen your head-shots?

Look no further! "Super Columbine Massacre RPG" is a Web-based "game" that re-creates the Colorado high school bloodbath in which 15 people died, including the two young mass murderers. The creator, an anonymous cretin who goes only by the name of "columbin," told the Rocky Mountain News in Denver that he wanted to make something that would "promote a real dialogue on the subject of school shootings."
"I was a bullied kid. I didn't fit in, and I was surrounded by a culture of elitism as espoused by our school's athletes." He added that he considered the killers, at times, "very thoughtful, sensitive and intelligent young men."

Yeah, so was Ted Bundy.

The game -- which goes beyond simply offensive into the realm of monstrously wicked -- has been available online for about a year, but is just now getting popular. In it, the "player" is told it is "ultimately up to you" how many kids Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris kill that day, and every time, a kill is made, a pop-up box says: "Another victory for the Trench Coat Mafia."

And we think our greatest threat is from hungry Mexicans and terribly deranged Muslims?


SingingSkies said...

Oh, my! And I just finished shreading an ultra-conservative magazine that swore up one side and down the other that all of our human ills are related to feminism, gay marriage, and taking prayer out of schools. What were they thinking?

This is certainly a deeper spiritual problem which eats at the very fabric of our culture than any of the aforementioned "problems". It's possible to encourage dialogue on the issues surrounding bullying without resorting to imitating, and essentially glorying in, the actions of two very sick young men.

How sad, and scary, for all of us.

Patty said...

File that one for me as the Terrorist within. Gee how sick can they get and can the families do anything to stop this sicko game?

Michael Gillespie said...

As a journalist I take a dim view of restrictions on freedom of speech. But there are exceptions, and the notion that the makers and distributors of video games such as Super Columbine Massacre RPG are entitled to protection under the law is highly questionable, in my opinion. The First Amendment was designed to protect political speech, not dangerous incitements to violence, and not commercial speech. Super Columbine Massacre RPG represents the worst of both worlds, socially destabilizing commercial speech that incites violence. The selfish goons who develope, manufacture, distrubute, and sell such garbage are worse than the malicious lunatic who "shouts FIRE! in a crowded theater". We, or our elected representatives, seem to have lost our moral compass. Where are the legislators who wrote the 1971 law that prohibits the advertising of cigarettes in electronic media subject to the jurisdiction of the FCC? Oops, I forgot. They didn't lose the moral compass, they auctioned it off to the highest bidder in order to get enough money to buy campaign commercials and pay for expensive "air time."

Love, Rita said...

This is a dangerous symptom of an illness affecting our society. We have, as a nation, avoided addressing the issue of aberrant behavior and its implications--in the name of "tolerance" and "freedom of speech". But I believe that in the final summation, we will have to admit that allowing this type of "free expression" has contributed to the breakdown of the mores which made us such a strong nation in the past. Political correctness will lead to our societal weakness, and who knows where that will lead??