Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Next airline trend: No leg room ... period

Airline-making giant Airbus is said to be quietly shopping the idea of eliminating some seats altogether from airliners by "propping" passengers against upright backboards. If installed, they would allow more paying customers to be packed into economy.

Now, I have made adjustments for food-less flying and cavity searches at the security gate. And I understand how the airlines are having a bad time of it right now, what with profits being down. But what's next? Passing around a tin pot for making poopy?


SingingSkies said...
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SingingSkies said...

It'sdefinitely time for some visionary type to come up with a system which lets you walk into a gate in one city, Stargate-like, and out of it in the one you're traveling to!

Bookworm said...

To me that has the icky smell of cattle cars and slave ships. Yuck.