Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just another Texas hunting ... party?

It's a good thing Cheney wasn't hunting the way REAL Texans hunt!

OK, now I'm really confused. All my Lefty friends are up in arms about Vice President Dick Cheney's marksmanship. "What a dope!" they say.

That's what's confusing. Normally, they'd be celebrating the shooting of another Republican Texas lawyer!


Anonymous said...

Don't blame me ... I didn't vote for such a bad shot!

But it's damn lucky Cindy Sheehan wasn't out there!

Michael Gillespie said...

According to Molly Ivins, a native Texan, a Smith College grad (proof that even a New England LIBERAL arts education might take a Texan out of Texas but you can't take the Texas out of a real Texan), and as accomplished an author and political observer as Texas has ever produced, the Republican lawyer, Harry Whittington, blasted last weekend by "Dead-Eye" Dick Cheney, was as close as a Texas Republican can come to being a bonafide liberal. See:

Ron Franscell said...

So Dick Cheney spends his free time with almost-liberals? OK, now this is getting confusing-er all the time!

Chancelucky said...

Even more amazing, I've heard that Dick Cheney has even had gay couples in his home.

Ron Franscell said...

I was a little too sarcastic in my response. I think the American public tends to NEED black-and-white labels, especially in politics. I know (from days as a reporter and editor in my native Wyoming) that Dick Cheney is far more tolerant than he's portrayed by his opposition. His public defense of his daughter's homosexuality was too quickly forgotten by too many people.

I'm not surprised that he'd spend time with gays, Democrats, media and members of any other group that his too-rabid opponents too quickly label as his "enemies."

Nonetheless, there are legitimate questions about how the accident was handled in the two days after it happened. He didn't help himself by being quiet in that time ... which some take as obsessive secrecy and others take as his feeling no obligation to the American public ... and still others would say is evidence of purely bad communications.

Don said...

Too funny, Ron! LOL-Funny!