Thursday, February 16, 2006

I say pop, you say soda

It has divided America into Red States and Blue States. It has bubbled quietly, inexorably. We have become slaves to our own traditions and refuse to acknowledge that other people in other places might see it differently. Can't we all just get along?

What's that? ... politics? .... NO! The whole "soda" vs. "pop" vs. "Coke" debate! Americans can't seem to agree on what we call fizzy soft-drinks! Really, people, you might find this difficult to comprehend, but this is a far more important schism than whether Saddam Hussein prefers boxer or briefs!

Now East Central Oklahoma University's Department of Cartography and Geography has studied this phenomenon with more than 120,000 respondents. Matthew Campbell of the Spatial Graphics and Analysis Lab created a roll-over map of every U.S. county and its tendencies to call it "soda" (or "sodey" in some places), "pop," "Coke," or something entirely different (although, check out Southern California's preferences.)

Go to the web site and check out your county's preferred term ... and please, let's try to avoid a civil war.


SingingSkies said...

Woohoo! My son goes to East Central (I won't repeat his nickname for it), and just to make things more complex, he and his friends use the name of another soft-drink brand when discussing fizzy soft-drinks. Personally, I'm impressed that East Central would get involved in such a controversial topic. *chuckle*

As for me, I'm multi-cultural in my fizzy soft-drink naming, so I don't think I'll be instigating any civil wars in the near future.

Ivy said...

lol.. its a topic thats often debated on message boards.. Its coke dontcha know!

Love, Rita said...

I cast my lot with the "Coke" crowd. (But my beverage of choice is good old dihydrogen oxide, also known as H20, but better known as WATER.) If I have to drink something carbonated, though, I drink Diet Pepsi.