Monday, January 23, 2006

Blackballed in Texas

"I wouldn't belong to any club that would have me for a member."
Groucho Marx

Once, when I had just taken the helm of my own daily newspaper in a small Wyoming town, a rather worried rancher came to see me, to sort out my politics in his cowboy way. "How do you generally come down on Republicans or Democrats?" he asked.

"Amused," I said.

I've been deleted from the Texas Connection Blogroll because my politics weren't conservative nor rabid enough. I was defrocked because I didn't say bad things about a liberal blogger to whom I link, nor would I remove his link. There's simply too much sturm und drang in the blogosphere as it is. In that way, moderate views are apparently a threat to the stability of the universe. So, it turns out, The Right is as quick as the Left to muzzle anybody with whom it doesn't agree.

So any of you Texas Connection blog-rollers who liked to stop by for a cuppa joe and some militant moderate views to keep you regular, please link me. I promise more of the same provocative views from the Majority Middle.


Ranando said...

Unbelievable that people like this still call themselves Americans.

What the hell are our soldiers dying for?

Justthinkin said...

Funny thing, Ron. I'm on that roll, and I'm a moderate Canuck!!(along with a few others). Methinks there may be other reasons, but you'll have to check with the moderator to find out.

Patty said...

Well Ron I found my ass in the ally with ya. Guess I am too liberal for the ole Texan. No explanation just ORDERED ME TO DELETE THE ROLL. The funny thing is I never ask to join he asked me.
Anyway I doubt if I get involved in any more conserative rings. I never claimed to be I claimed to be in the middle of the road. BTW I had already had some of my favs on my roll and you were there hehehehe. Catch ya later in the funnies.
Redneck Granny Rides Again

Ivy said...

I have been rather dissappointed with the texas blog rolls and groups I've found online that are "pure texan". Their views while their own irritate me to no end. They for the most part believe in one way and one way only. And thats their way. How backwards can you be?

Ron Franscell said...

Hey, that's why God made chocolate and vanilla. Diff'rnt folks take dff'rnt licks. To be honest, when i was invited to join, I thought the Texas Connection was just a bunch of Texas bloggers of all stripes. I was wrong, and it's my fault for not investigating further. Although it quickly proved to be a conservative roll, it had some moderate members who were tolerant of .... um, less conservative viewpoints.

These blogosphere squabbles often take on the appearance of a schoolyard fight, where sides must be chosen and lines drawn. If you don't take sides or draw lines, you are roadkill. Or just ambivalent about schoolyard spats.

Anyway, now there's a MSM/blogger/novelist/mature/moderate kinda guy ISO envigorating and tolerant blog roll. Must love dogs, books, public radio and only occasional rants.

Ranando said...


Do you have any idea what a great scheenplay you kind write about this crap.

Ron Franscell said...

Oh boy. Sorta "You've Got Mail" meets "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

Patty said...

You guys are too funny.... The Texas connection is conserative and I would like to think they have room for all of us. However since I generally joke and cut up on my blog you guys may be correct. HHHMMMM I am a memeber of a diverse family we are red brown and black. A sprinkle of white. I have 4 black grandchildren 1 wt/red decended from the travlers on one side and 1 that is yellow/white /red. HHHMMMMM maybe there is not a seat at the table for me.
Oh and did I mention some in-laws that are pagan? Shit now I gotta go back and rethink this whole thing. Later
Redneck granny Rides Again.

echotig said...

Patty are you serious? You think you were asked to leave because you are too diverse??

Ivy said...

Wears the patch of Road Kill here! I'm pretty tolerant of everyone. Well everyone who doesnt thrive on stupidity and ignorance.

Chancelucky said...

I don't know if I played any role in this. Ron had posted on my page, which is generally quite liberal. I had noticed a couple other bloggers on Ron's page, took a look at their pages and left a comment or two. The comments weren't terribly loaded, just a question or two, not even all that hostile. (it was along the lines of when do Germans get to criticize the United States on civil liberties mattersor do they bear a permanent onus of having been Nazis once in their history, the other question was along the lines of if you don't want to rebuild New Orleans where do you put a major port at the mouth of the river)
The next day he had frozen out his comments, since restored, erased my comment, posted something about it being his blog and not a place for discussions. All of which I'm fine with. It is his blog, it just didn't have a warning sign before.
Perhaps "clearing out" his Texas Connection Roll was yet another part of the same process.

Ivy said...

I thought thats what blogs are all about? You put it out there for the public correct?????

Although my blog is pretty personal its still out there for public discussion and even though I might not agree with a comment left I'm not going to delete it just because I do not agree with it.. If you don't want your blog open for discussion then you dont allow comments.. Just my 2 cents..

Ron Franscell said...

Blogging SHOULD be about a lively conversation, but America on the whole is drifting toward less conversation and more peevish screaming. Where we will be in 100 years if we cannot air disagreements in the same room and reach a consensus on a solution?

I see it in the newspaper business every day: People SAY they want "unbiased" news, but in fact, they want news that suits THEIR biases.

In the blogosphere, we see the same idea in action: People don't want to be troubled with opposing views (although they seem perfectly happy to post their views in contrasting blogs like anonymous insurgents.) It's an attitude of "My opinion matters, is defensible, smart and correct ... but yours is crap."

We have grown less tolerant in our country. We actively avoid being confused with facts or differing views. We go to great lengths to protect ourselves from it. (Yes, there are still open minds out there, but they dwindle every day.)

I don't begrudge Fred Witzell his right to revoke his "loan" of his free speech (via his blogroll) to anyone who disagrees with him, or simply doesn't perform to his liking. But that makes him worse than the Evil Media he criticizes daily. In my newspaper, we loan our considerable voice to as many people and ideas as we possibly can. We truly believe that our country is improved by discussion, not by forcible agreement.

If we all agreed, we'd make no progress. Disagreement brings ideas to the table that will make us better.

Robosquirrel said...

Well, the management reserves the right, I suppose. I gave it try, didn't care for it much - nothing personal toward Fred. I'm a little mystified about the no-notice deletions, but prefer to remain drama-free. Everyone's welcome at my blog until or unless they make a nuisance of themselves. I haven't had a problem yet *crosses fingers*.

Ranando - Yes, people like that are Americans, and in the American spirit, do whatever the hell they like. It's not a free speech issue, unless you're saying Fred doesn't have the right to manage his own blogroll. Good grief, why do things always get taken to the brink? What are our soldier dying for? Soldiers are not dying so that Fred has to give up his right to do whatever he wants.

Ivy said...

People never want the real truth.They want what makes them feel comfortable. They scream they want the truth and when they get it they are often so put off or terrified by the real truth that they recoil back into their hermitt of a life and then pretend that everything is okay with what they believe. For the most part. most people fear change. And the news proves things change. Also if you only report on what they want you to report.. Then they can go on believing everything is okay and they feel safe. I see it every day. I own a message board for women and they shout they want the truth. They start debates but when an opinion differs from them and you might have some proof to back it up they tend to flip out.

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes, laughs out loud* sorry for the laugh. Couldn't help it, the notion that a middle of the road moderate could be a public threat just put me in stitches.

Cris said...

I love the posturing, and the people who still believe they have to say "my way or the highway"/

's really too bad that some people feel they have to promote their superiority by where they live, what they do for a living, how much money they have or what access to power they have.

we all have strengths, we all have weeknesses, the measure of who we are should be self assessed by how we use those to help others.

it really is all about choice. If you dont like what someone else says or does, you do not have to listen or watch.

So the Texas group has said they choose not to promote you. It is their loss.

Glad you found me, your blog has given me yet another window into places and things and thoughts i have not seen or heard, and that is of great value to me.

Keep on keepin on!!

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Like Jamie/Just Thinking said: "There were other reasons." It's got nothing to do with politics - if it was politics Fred would have kicked me off that roll a long time ago because most of the Texas Connection are conservative Christians and I'm a fag.

No, it had to do with Ron and Patty linking to Ranando's blog which he has used to attack Fred and me. He deleted the attack on me when he found that no one believed his lies.

Anyway you are both still on my personal blogroll. I hope you have better luck with Ranando than either Fred or I did.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

PS Matthew/Robo, I did not realize that you had pulled out of the Texas Connection. I have also put you back into my personal blogroll where you definitely belong.

Ranando said...

Fred makes a state on his blog, "You can never bash our military in any way, never".

I wrote a post where Fred has bash many members in the military and I'm bashing him or stabbing him in the back, I don't think so.

I have been called names by Fred and Patrick over and over again and when I fight back I'm stabbing them in the back, well get used to it.

BigNewsDay said...

Wow Pat, that was a complete load of B.S. Ranando deleted the comments regarding your page because these comments were intented to defend someone who no longer wanted to be defended. I've read the comments that Ranando left on your site as well as the comments written by the guy whose blogs you had deleted by Blogger. Neither left inflammatory remarks, just remarks that differed from your fascist point of view.

Ranando said...

Thanks BND,

Not to worry, the truth always and I mean always wins out.

Robosquirrel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

who's Fred? Do I want to know?