Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Now that's what I call TAIL-gating ...

Is there no limit to American entrepreneurial spirit?

Tampa cops have busted nine football fans who had apparently parked their converted a 40-foot RV at Tampa Bay Buccaneers' home games -- where they served booze and lap dances in their "strip club on wheels":

TAMPA (AP) -- A 40-foot motor home was converted into a strip club on wheels, offering alcohol and lap dances to football fans outside the stadium before kickoff of Sunday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, police said.

Six women performed lap dances inside the motor home, charging $20 to $40 depending on whether they danced topless or totally nude, police said Tuesday. The vehicle, adorned with a sign for strip club Deja Vu, was parked across the street from Raymond James Stadium.

It apparently all began earlier this season when a Bucs tailgater's wife asked him if he had enough buns for the hotdogs.


speckledpup said...

shucks, I was going to apply for work.
That'd be just the thing to snap me out of my doldrums.

Melanie said...

Arch, Ron. Arch.