Saturday, September 10, 2005

What the Left won't tell you

OK, we all agree that the federal response to Katrina was slow, inadequate and managed by a guy [Michael Brown] who probably wasn't up to the job. A few on the Left have blamed President Bush ... well, because that's what they do. If the beating of a butterfly's wings in Sumatra ultimately caused Katrina, in some Left-leaning minds, it's because Bush personally failed to back policies friendly to butterflies. The drumbeat of blame emanates from somewhere off to out Left. It's incessant, irrelevant to the facts, and all-too-predictable.

It would be refreshing for one of the Left's media-savvy spokesmen or -women to step forward and give credit to Bush for dislodging the ineffective Brown, installing kick-ass Cajun Gen. Russell Honore as the military leader in ravaged New Orleans, and generally calming the troubled waters. It's not that Bush is above criticism -- how the hell did a poseur like Brown get an enormously important job like FEMA Director less than four years after Sept. 11? Was disaster money funneled to the would-be quagmire in Iraq? How could Wal-Mart, CNN and Geico be in a better position to deal with Katrina than the Bush Administration?

Those questions -- and many more -- should be answered in the post-mortem [God, what an ugly term in this context.] But at the moment, it'd be rather comforting to see Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Als Sharpton and Gore, Kanye West, Al Franken, Charles Schumer, even Bill Maher praise the President for quickly righting a wrong and moving forward quickly to save lives and regain modest control of the situation.

They had time in the midst of the crisis to criticize the use of the word "refugees" and to contrive elaborate conspiracy theories that always ended up: Katrina was a way for Bush to help his cronies in Big Oil.

It'd be nice for the Left to admit that, sometimes, it's not about politics. It'd be nice for all ideologues to admit that they occasionally have common enemies and obstacles. They won't ... but wouldn't it be lovely?

Here's what the exceedingly funny (and smart) commentator Ben Stein had to say in The Spectator about the Left's blame-game on Katrina ... can't argue with eons of Nature.


Jami said...

hillary clinton has taken very concrete steps to make sure fema doesn't drop the ball again.

the media doesn't cover the good things democrats doesn't do. but they still do them.

Anonymous said...

It's not that Bush is above criticism

You know, that's basically the main liberal talking point right now. Why are you parroting it? Of course its true in a literal sense, but why make a point of saying it? What are your motives? I assume it's just a stupid mistake, but, really, stuff like that doesn't help the cause.

Laura said...

Hey Ron, LTNS!!!
I am very much enjoying reading your blog.....I miss seeing you online, and as you know, I think you are one of the best writers, ever. Will continue to read these, please keep up the good work!!!!!
Laura :o)

miyna said...

i really appreciate your writing, and even though we're on opposite ends of the political spectrum (okay, maybe not opposite), i really do agree - things should have been handled better long ago. although, yes, Bush & Co. did make mistakes, it's true that he's not totally at fault. of all the things under government control, the weather is not one of them. there were other decision-makers who failed to act as well.

i think what we so-called liberals (i hate that term) don't like about his particular actions is that he was off addressing other political agendas, and still on 'working' vacation during the whole thing, publicly enjoying himself while an American city was in serious crisis - an entire region, really. that's the shameful part of the situation.

but yes, there was a definite failure to act on the parts of all responsible parties, for years and years, as i mentioned on my blog.

really glad you stopped by.

magilla said...

If Hill and Chuck, Jesse and the 'Als' (aka "The Three Stooges") ever did anything just because it was the right thing to do, instead of thinking how to further their own agendas, I might try to take them seriously. Of course, in that case their elitist followers (readily identifiable by their refusal to capitalize anything lest they offend the other letters) might have a heart attack.
The mess that FEMA has created needs a strong hand to clean it up. I would like to see the President appoint a new director who might be able to build on what the General is doing in New Orleans.

Mike's America said...

Thanks for the Ben Stein link. I always enjoy him. I do disagree with him on this point regarding Bush causing the hurricane: "To speculate otherwise is belief in sorcery."

I would say there are a fair number of lefties who believe in sorcery, hence their irrational belief that Bush is to blame for Katrina.

I'm getting a bit overtired of the lefties who visit my blog, Mike's America, insisting that Bush should have all the responsibility for what went wrong, but none of the authority to put it right.

Anonymous said...

What liberal, self-serving crap, Jami -- all republicans will tell you that the media doesn't cover the good things the republicans do, and all Dems will say that the media doesn't cover the good things the Dems do. If they don't cover it, how do you know about it?

It's a typical fallacy that only Dems do anything right or good and that all Republicans are evil. Grow up.

The Plumber said...

The next house I build will be in a swamp near a hurricane-prone coastline.

When my home gets wiped out, I will blame the president, the bureaucracy, and whitey.

BTW, there is an inverse relationship to the size of a population to the size of an effective government. Big populations and land masses need a smaller government to act quickly and efficaciously. We have the exact opposite of this situation right now. Don't blame the bureaucracy for being what it is: a bureaucracy. The left should spend more time reading Rousseau, and less time reading Marx.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are doing okay in Beaumont. Wish you would have gotten out with Mary.

Robin, Casper