Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Portraits of Rita: Images from a storm

I have created an album of images by Beaumont Enterprise photographers in and around Beaumont, Texas, in the two days since Rita struck. I'll post more as they become available.

To see Rita images:

All images copyrighted by Beaumont Enterprise
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Anonymous said...

More. More. Am in exile in Austin. Live in west end Huntington Park Apts. Lack of official web and other local official updates is appalling.


Anonymous said...

Please keep em' coming.

I'm in NE Alabama surrounded by family. Since the national news is no longer looking for the blood and guts, this is the best home feed we can get.

We go to the public library daily for good hi-speed access for an hour and visit all the local news. This is a great blog.

Shawn Molina said...

Thanks Ron,
This is Shawn Molina, your friendly neighborhood Marine from the second floor, or what used to be the second floor of the Enterprise.
My family and I made it safely to Florence, AL in 27 hours from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon.
We are thinking of making a run back to Houston to stay with family and at least be two hours away.
Take Care.
GOD Bless.

Shawn Molina

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn, this is Cheryl (2nd floor ~ classified). My husband and I went to Hemphill, not knowing that we were getting right in the middle of 'Rita'. We've now came to Austin to a friend of mine's home. Glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. I never thought that I would ever say that I would be glad to get back to work! You all take care and God Bless you!!

Cheryl Foux

Ron Franscell said...

Hi, Enterprisers! We're here. We're alive. We're tired. We're dazed. We're temporarily owners of denuded yards and dented homes. But we're here.

The third floor is all-but-demolished. The ceilings generally collapsed there as the storm ramped up, and storm water flowed in freely. We holed up on the second floor without power, and some of the third-floor water started to seep down. But the storm abated before we were washed away. For a couple days, life was extremely austere and rigorous, but people kept up a good work rhythm and good spirits. We encountered one problem after another with communications, but we have been able to get stories posted online.

Advertising, indeed, got a lot of water seeping down, and it's a little messy, but workable. Many of us slept on the second floor for a couple days, then moved to the mezzanine, where we have a temporary newsroom in the Accounting office.

We have just gotten a generator powered up in the last 48 hours, so we have better access to our computers and battery-operated equipment. We've lived on bottled water and fairly meager provisions (in terms of their substantiveness) since last Thursday. Last night, a crew from Houston barbecued some hotdogs and made sausage gumbo for us .... the first meat we'd had in a few days. After animal crackers and vending machine snacks for a few days, it tasted like the best stuff ever made!
The newspaper is a disaster area, made worse by our "occupation." We moved into part of the building where normally only the genteel ladies of Circulation or Accounting decorate their desks with children's pictures, potted plants, fancy-smelling sachets, neatly arranged pencils and very orderly organizers. Well, that's all history. Storm water, broken ceiling tiles and fallen insulation are everywhere; the stink of it all is overpowering, even to those of us who have lived in it for 6 days. You'll be so shocked.
For anyone thinking about a return trip now: Stay where you are until you hear otherwise. It's not smart nor helpful for you to return to Beaumont (for infrastructure and safety reasons.) Be patient and, when the time is right, travel safely.


Anonymous said...

My age 80+ parents who live in Manion Place townhouse are in Austin with me. They need to return long enough to retrieve medicine, etc. Where can I find info on whether this will be allowed? I hate to drive 250 miles to be turned away...


Shawh Molina said...

Thanks Ron and Cheryl,
Glad to hear you all are ok.
Thanks for the word on the Enterprise. I am glad the checks went through but my bank is Texaco/Five Point Credit Union and I can bring up the home page but cannot access my account. I am not sure if they have any other back plans for banking customers. If anyone knows, please pass it on.
GOD Bless.
Take care.
Shawn Molina

Ellen Simon said...

Hello stranded evacuaee's. Ellen Simon reporting from Republic Mo. I hope you all are fine whever you are.Good hearing from cheryl and shawn. I have heard from, or about Linda Harrington, Lisa MaCann, Liz Robertson, David Pero, Carleen Crawford and saw Mike Malan on Fox News. I am unsure about any damage to the inside of my home, but I hear it's still standing. If you are able to read this, you are some of us fortunate few with the ability to be online and have electricity. God Speed upon your return to SETX.
Ellen Simon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pictures. I lived in Beaumont 20 years ago, but still have friends there. 1979 grad of Lamar U.
I only hope the best for all of people in SE Texas.