Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Can blacks be racists, too?

From a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll:

... Six in 10 blacks said the federal government was slow in rescuing those stranded in New Orleans after Katrina because many of the people in the Louisiana city were black. But only about one in eight white respondents shared that view. ...

... According to [another] poll broken down by race, blacks were more likely to blame Bush for problems in New Orleans, with 37 percent holding him most to blame for the fact that many residents were trapped inside the city after it flooded. ...

... On the question of whether Bush cares about black people, 67 percent of whites said they believe the president does care, but only 21 percent of blacks agreed.

Do you think the next head of FEMA will be black? I might be going out on a limb here, but ... bet on it.

Personally, it's hard to imagine an Oval Office conversation in which the President and his advisers agree to blow off New Orleans based on Census figures. It's hard to imagine that the Bush Administration would abandon the biggest city in a strong RED state that supported him with almost 57% of its votes last year. It's equally hard to imagine a group of people who agree more with the politics of semi-articulate hip-hop singer Kanye West than Rev. T.D. Jakes.

There's something racist about believing that everything is about race. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., dreamed of a time where his children would be judged "not by the color of the skin, but the content of their character." A worthy, noble and achievable goal. In fact, we're a lot closer now than in 1965. Certainly more than in 1865, which was better than in 1765.

But some blacks, apparently in large numbers, still want it to be about the color of their skin. Was Michael Jackson's or O.J.'s prosecution racially motivated? No (in the white community) ... yes (among many -- maybe most -- blacks.)

One example: At the moment, an unfortunate urban legend is gaining traction among blacks that an AP photo of black looters in New Orleans caption them as "looters" while an Agence France-Presse photo (from the French wire service) of white looters captions them as "finders." TWO pictures where TWO photojournalists attempted to say ONLY what they saw and knew to be a fact ... and the situation is perverted for political gains, then given momentum by Kanye West. Do yourself a favor by going to myth-debunking Snopes.com to see the truth about those photos and stop listening to urban legends. Suffice it to say, the explanation will reassure you that The Media is not always grinding a personal axe for either the Right or the Left.

I can't speak for nor argue about what's in most hearts, black or white. I can speak for my heart. I can look around and judge for myself what seems logical and honest. And I have seen the outpouring of help and sympathy for Katrina's refugees, evacuees and survivors here in Southeast Texas, not exactly the historic model for good race relations. But in the shelters and churches that have taken them in, the faces of the care-givers are overwhelmingly white in a community that's half-black.

America has a long way to go before we're truly and totally color-blind. Sadly, there are still some things that ARE racially motivated. But in the end, people of color must realize that to achieve color-blindness, they, too, must stop seeing all things as racially motivated.

Maybe I'm wrong. Apparently being wrong about race is " a white thing." Let's strike a blow for true equality: Maybe blacks can be wrong about race, too.


The Plumber said...

Hi Ron.

Blacks are more overtly racist than whites.

I do this exercise: whenever I here a black person speak, I reverse the words "black" and "white". What is produced is some of the most offensive, vile crap that can be spoken. I told my wife to try it during the NAACP awards show (ignore the fact that there is an awards show for people based on their skin color). She had to turn the channel. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, if they were white, would be viewed as what they are, piece-of-sh** racists.

Darrell said...

It's my belief that holding all whites suspect because of our country's history, which is the practice of many blacks, breeds racism on both sides. When blacks publicly condemn whites based on race, it seems to justify anti-white racism, and probably encourages more of the same from other blacks. Beyond that, whites are more likely to respond to that kind of thing with a general race-based dislike of blacks, based on the feeling that since nothing we do is right, why even try?

Anonymous said...

White, black, yellow, brown or what ever colour you are, there is always a little a "racist" in each and one of us.Or not, even more.

The Uncooperative Blogger said...

That was a long way to go for a simple yes. ;^)

oceanlover said...

Blacks are racist too. I am Asian and I live in Los Angeles so I know.

Anonymous said...

I was treated poorly because I was white in a couple companies that were majority black and have heard and seen things that are blatently racist. And you know what? I still don't hate them just because they're black. I think it is time that they give up on crying "slavery" and move on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

I find "cracker" offensive, as do I find the "N-word" offensive even when I hear a black person say it. Let go of your anger to prove that you're not racist. And stop inquiring in your conversations on whether or not the person of topic's race. It doesn't matter, remember?